Please follow the instructions below and submit your Parent Questionnaire with all required documents by:

4pm Friday 30 July 2021

If you are currently having issues trying to upload your documentation, please try again a bit later – we will continue to accept forms over the weekend.

Number of days to submit forms and all required documentation








Download Student Questionnaire

Please download and ask your child to complete this questionnaire. They can either complete the form electronically or you can print out and they can complete by hand. Once complete, you will need to upload it with the other required documents to submit with your Parent Questionnaire.

Complete Parent Questionnaire

This form is to be completed by parents and submitted online with Student Questionnaire and all other required documents.

You don’t have to complete this form in one go and you can come back to it when you have all the information you require.

Collect Required Documents

Primary School Report (Year 4, Semester 1)this document is required for every child attending an interview and must be uploaded and submitted with the Parent Questionnaire.

The following documents are required if you have booked an Enrichment interview and/or have indicated in the Parent Questionnaire that you have any of the documents below.

  • Diagnosis Verification documents
  • Any medical reports or learning support information, such as:
    • Paediatrician or allied health reports
    • Primary school learning plans
    • General information relating to how we can best support your child’s learning, social and emotional needs at school

Please note, if Parent Questionnaire and required documents (including Student Questionnaire) are not submitted by 4pm Friday 30 July, your interview may be cancelled. 

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