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We invite you to take a virtual tour with us and we hope you get a sense of life at Hillbrook where our students learn and create connections. 

Why choose Hillbrook?

Our curriculum

is based on a balance of learning experiences aimed at preparing students for the future and giving them as many choices as possible when they leave school.

Student Learning & Wellbeing

It’s a matter of balance

At Hillbrook we believe young people learn best when they are having fun; feel safe and supported; and are connected to their school community. 

Outdoor Education

Why the outdoors matters

Our Outdoor Education program is a key aspect of your child’s Hillbrook education and plays a pivotal role in the life of the school.

Philosophical Inquiry

Why thinking matters

At Hillbrook we believe that the ability to think well is fundamental to the lives of all people. 

Our Vision:

To open minds, inspire hearts and nurture dreams


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Year 10 2024 & Year 11 2025

Our Mission:

To empower young people to make a positive difference

In the early 1980s, a small group of dedicated teachers dared to dream …

 … what happened next became Hillbrook.

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At Hillbrook, our classrooms are filled with limitless possibilities. Our young people will move into careers that we haven’t begun to imagine, and if we want them to thrive in that environment, a strong sense of balance will be a powerful advantage.

This is why Hillbrook’s motto, ‘In Balance We Grow has special meaning to everyone here . It’s fundamental to our vision: ‘To open minds, inspire hearts and nurture dreams‘. It is expresssed in the way we balance intellectual, spiritual, personal and physical development. Importantly it’s woven through every aspect of the school.

We are preparing our students to live happy, fulfilling lives and, we hope, make a positive difference in the world. We aim to provide a realistic and stimulating environment where they learn to challenge and question, to respect one another’s contributions, to enjoy each other’s company and to work effectively together as they grow.

Schools have to dare to dream … schools have to dare to take risks.

Dr M Blackman, Harvard


Latest from Hillbrook

“… teaching kids how to think, question and be curious.”


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Hillbrook provides students with a sense of belonging and teachers who nurture academic curiosity. 
Year 12, 2020 parent