The athletics carnival races are an important part of physical recreation at Hillbrook

Sport and Physical Recreation

“I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. 
But I can’t accept not trying” - Michael Jordan

Healthy minds need healthy bodies, and Hillbrook’s Physical Recreation course has been designed to encourage every student to keep physically fit and to make positive life-long choices about his or her personal health.

We offer a balance of individual, team, competitive and recreational activities that help all students develop skills, fitness, positive attitudes and values.

The wide range of healthy physical activities on offer at Hillbrook include:

Aquatics     Athletics     Basketball     Dance     Fitness Activities Gymnastics     Hockey     Netball     Orienteering     Soccer    Softball     Surfing     Tennis     Touch Football     Volleyball


Our students also participate in competitive sports days, as well as regional and state carnivals, and are involved in swimming, athletics and cross-country competitions.

In fact, a number of Hillbrook students have represented Queensland and Australia in a variety of individual and team sports.  Outside our regular Physical Recreation course our students have opportunities to further their physical activities with team sport.

Hillbrook is a member of the BCIS competition and students can represent the school in sports such as soccer, touch football and netball.  They can also represent the school in other after school sport competitions for AFL and volleyball.

Hillbrook Anglican School

Hillbrook Anglican School