What to Expect in Junior and Senior

Our teachers try to draw from a balance of experience, research and professional reflection to create curricular offerings that are contemporary, challenging and engaging.

The Hillbrook motto ‘in balance we grow’ is central to our curriculum. We have four themes that bring this motto to life and specifically guide our thinking and underpin all our programmes.

We are:
• Community Centred:
We value inclusion, fairness, involvement and diversity; 
• Adolescent Centred:
Providing challenge and support, seeking identity; 
• Thinking Centred:
Valuing learning as meaning making, creativity, risk-taking; and
• Learning/Teaching Centred:
Encouraging active learning and the teacher as a role model.

The Curriculum

“Curriculum” isn't just the subjects studied: rather it’s all the intended learning experiences that students can expect to undertake at the school, in and beyond the classroom. The Hillbrook curriculum is based on a balance of learning experiences drawn from our ever evolving understanding of how young people learn.

Research indicates that real variety in curriculum comes more from a diversity of learning experiences rather than from a vast choice of subjects. Hillbrook offers a select, but comprehensive range of essential academic subjects which build in our students the vital core skills that provide the tools for future engagement in the workplace, in higher and further learning, and in the community.

Students experience a broad-based curriculum with an academic focus which encourages them to engage with a variety of disciplines. We believe that together these will:

1) Provide a challenging yet supportive environment for adolescents.
2) Set high expectations for the success of all. We believe all students have the potential to achieve in a variety of ways.
3) Model the different ways that people learn and work together, in both physical and virtual spaces.
4) Engage our students to grapple with fundamental ideas and concepts in extended tasks.
5) Promote critical and creative thinking and develop unique ways of addressing complex issues.
6) Develop personal accountability and a propensity to action guided by a strong moral and ethical framework.
7) Lay the foundation for an understanding that learning continues throughout life.
8) Encourage the search for a deeper meaning for life.

Year Level Themes

Year 7 'Connections'

As Hillbrook has no junior or feeder school, most Year 7′s won’t know each other very well, nor do they know much about their teachers, or Hillbrook in general. This is one of the reasons why the Year 7 camp is held early in first Term.

Year 8 'Exploration'

Year 8 aims to challenge students to extend themselves in a supportive environment.

Year 9 'Journeys'

As students enter Year 9 there are limitless discoveries still to be made, as learning continues to be interactive, focused, and challenging. Most things that are worth discovering take personal effort, usually involve mutual support and provide lasting reward.

Year 10 'Transitions'

As students start to make the transition into senior schooling, we focus on creating a feeling of being a part of a community.  It is designed to promote resilience to help students cope with every day issues and changes in social structures and to make their transition a little more meaningful, symbolic and simplified.

Hillbrook Year 11 Students on Outdoor Education Camp

Year 11 'Decisions'

The theme of 'Decisions' reflects the increasing influence students have over their life and its direction. By this stage, students probably have more power to make decisions than they have had before. Coupled with this, is the fact that many of these decisions now have the potential to be more consequential.

Year 12 'Destinations'

This theme is reflective of the direction students will be taking when finishing their final year of schooling.

Subject Offerings 2017

Year 7

Core Curriculum

English  |  Mathematics  |  Science  |  Global Studies  |  Health  |  Outdoor Education  |  Personal & Spiritual Development  |  Philosophical Inquiry |  Physical Recreation |  Religious Studies

One Semester of each subject:

Art  |  Computers & Information Technology  |  Design & Technology  |  Drama  |  German  |  Home Economics  |  Music  |  Japanese

Year 8

Core Curriculum

English  |  Mathematics  |  Science  |  Global Studies  |  Health  |  Outdoor Education  |  Personal & Spiritual Development  |  Philosophical Inquiry |  Physical Recreation |  Religious Studies

Elective Subjects:

(Students choose four of these subjects)

Art  |  Business Studies  |  Computers & Information Technology  |  Design & Technology  |  Drama  |  Food Technology  |  German  |  Graphics  |  Home Economics  |  Music  |  Japanese

Years 9 and 10

Core Curriculum

English  |  Mathematics  |  Science  |  Global Studies*  |  Health  |  Outdoor Education  |  Personal & Spiritual Development  | Physical Recreation |  Religious Studies

*Global Studies integrates the subject areas of History, Geography and Economics

Elective Subjects:

(Students choose three of these subjects)

Art  | Business Studies  |  Computers & Information Technology  |  Design & Technology  |  Drama  |  Food Technology  |  German  |  Graphics  |  Home Economics  |  Music  |  Japanese

Years 11 and 12

Core Curriculum

English  |  Mathematics A or B  |  Negotiated Time  |  Outdoor Education  |  Personal & Spiritual Development  |  Religious Studies

Elective Subjects

(Students choose four of these subjects)

Accounting  |  Ancient History  |  Art  |  Biological Science  |  Chemistry  |  Drama  |  Economics  |  Engineering Technology  |  English Extension*  |  Geography  |  German  |  Graphics  |  Home Economics  |  Information Technology Systems  |  Japanese  |  Mathematics C  |  Modern History  |  Music  |  Music Extension*  |  Physical Education  |  Physics  |  Science 21  |  Technology Studies

*Offered in Year 12 only

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