School Board

A composition of the Hillbrook School Board is a feature that distinguishes it from most other independent schools. Our school is run by staff, parents and friends of Hillbrook who elect representatives to the Board.

To vote or stand for election on the School Board, you need to become a member of the company that owns the School, Hillbrook Anglican School Limited, by completing a membership form and paying a $10 annual fee. Forms are sent out to all parents prior to the AGM each year.


Once a member, you are then welcome to contribute your ideas or to nominate yourself or any other company member to stand for election. All application and nomination forms are available for download under the forms section on this page. Elections are held once a year in accordance with the retirement and rotation provisions of the Constitution.

Board Members

Class B (Parent) Members

School Board Member Robert Seljak - Hillbrook School Board Chairperson
Robert Seljak - Chairperson
School Board Member Deborah Enright of Hillbrook School Board
Deborah Enright
Scott Kennelly Hillbrook Board Member
Scott Kennelly
Shannon Woodrow Hillbrook Board Member
Shannon Woodrow

Class A (Teacher) Members

School Board Member Loris Phair of Hillbrook
Loris Phair
School Board Member Damian Larkin of Hillbrook Anglican School
Damian Larkin
Holly joins the Hillbrook School Board in 2017
Holly O'Sullivan Williams
School Board Member Andrew Devenish of Hillbrook Anglican School
Andrew Devenish
School Board Member Judith Nagle of Hillbrook Anglican School
Judith Nagle

Ex Officio Members

Geoff Newton Principal of Hillbrook Anglican School
Geoff Newton - Principal

Rev Tiffany Sparks - Archbishop’s Representative

Company Secretary

David Briggs Business Manager Hillbrook Anglican School
David Briggs - Business Manager
Hillbrook Anglican School

Hillbrook Anglican School