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Hillbrook Senior Leadership Team 2017

The School Leadership Team

‘We have to think what we are preparing students for.’ - Rodney Reed, Professor of Education, Pennsylvania State University
The School Leadership Team (from left to right in photo above) – Geoff Newton (Principal), David Briggs (Business Manager), Stephanie Munday-Lake (Deputy Principal) and Mark Herriman (Deputy Principal) – are the formal leadership team of the school. Many teachers also take leadership roles, as well as the elected Student Representative Council.

We have a flat administrative structure based on distributive leadership and high levels of trust and respect among students, staff and parents.


We live in a world characterised by uncertainty and change, but it’s also a world with many opportunities.

We need to consider the kind of leadership this implies, and how schools can best prepare young people for it. At Hillbrook we take the view that the great majority of people want to do well with their lives and will welcome responsibility, as well as the opportunity to show leadership by making a positive difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

We believe that talent and creativity, in all their forms, are widely rather than narrowly distributed in the population. Schools are important communities for their students, staff and parents and these communities need to be essentially inclusive rather than exclusive. These assumptions have led us to a ‘distributive leadership’ model which assumes that everyone can and should lead, in their own way.

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