Recently two teams of Hillbrook Year 12 students attended the annual Adspace competition held at QUT Gardens Point. Adspace is a marketing and advertising competition that asks teams to creatively envisage and pitch an advertising campaign based on a provided brief by a real-life client.


This year, the client was the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and students were tasked with creating a campaign that communicated the message to their target audience that the reef was healthier than portrayed in the media, and to evoke youth to support the reef by making environmentally-friendly changes to their daily lives.


Our first team – Isabella, Zac, Lachlan, Corey and Regan came up with a very engaging and creative idea. However, it was our second team – Caitlin, Emily, Anna, Saskia and Ashlee, whose Instagram-based campaign and pitch blew away the judging panel and unanimously wonthe competition!


Congratulations to both teams for their excellent efforts.