Anglicare Backpack Project

Anglicare is committed to providing a safe and happy environment for children in need. Children and young people arrive in care for many different reasons. It may be due to neglect, abuse or trauma. When their families can’t help to care for them, that’s where Anglicare steps in. Last year Anglicare provided 360, 465 nights of accommodation for children.

One of the things Anglicare provide these children are backpacks, lovingly put together by volunteers and filled with a few essentials, like pyjamas and toiletries, as well as one or two comforts, like a stuffed toy and a book.

During Term 3, 2021 Hillbrook invited our students to partner with Anglicare to provide 100 backpacks.

We have started our Chapel Services during Term 3 talking about how to be a good neighbour. Being a good neighbour is as much about our attitude as our actions. There are thousands of young people living in Brisbane who become displaced and they need us to be their good neighbour.