A Message From The School Leadership Team

Hillbrook Senior Leadership Team 2017

A key feature of our curriculum at Hillbrook is our balanced offering of learning experiences that ensures students are prepared for their futures, whatever they may be. We also value the ability for students to be critical and creative thinkers, to solve problems and make decisions, to be social and collaborate to work effectively with others and to respond to rapidly changing environments.

Here, we have a real awareness that the development of the above skills does not just happen for students in the classroom. As parents, you would be well aware of this from our extensive Outdoor Education program and the number of extra-curricular opportunities our students are able to experience.

Just this week alone, our ‘beyond-the-classroom’ activities and programs have been wonderful. Our junior Japanese and Music students had the opportunity to learn and experience the Taiko Drumming Workshop, which was a real challenge to stay in time with 30 other drummers.

The Brisbane Writers’ Festival also gave an opportunity for our keen junior writers to listen to presentations from acclaimed authors and poets such as Jackie French, Mark Smith, Wendy Orr, Steven Herrick and Garth Nix. Our Years 8 to 10 Business students participated in a wide range of entrepreneurial activities, from the $20 Boss program which introduced students to entrepreneurial skills, through to the Australian Business Week program, where students ran their own companies. 

The Drama department held a week of Course Productions, Year 11s have been on their Outdoor Education or Work Experience programs this week, and our girls AFL teams have had a fun and friendly game with the Australian International Islamic College. Also this week, a lovely evening was held in the Chapel where our Music Extension students hosted a recital evening of their final pieces for the term.

We are so pleased that each of the above experiences has allowed our students to continue to be active participants in their learning.

Geoff Newton, Stephanie Munday-Lake, Mark Herriman & David Briggs

Hillbrook Anglican School