Chairperson’s Awards

We look forward to awarding the Chairperson of School Board Awards for Semester 2, 2017, at our Assembly on 23 February. Invitations will soon be sent to parents to attend this ceremony.

We would also like to inform everyone of a change in eligibility for a Chairperson Award from this year. For eligibility for the award in Years 7 to 10, Health and Physical Education will be included in the criteria. Please read HPE Chairperson Award from our Health and Physical Education department to explain this.

Our Chairperson’s Awards are special awards recognising excellence in student achievement across all subjects studied in a semester. For a student to be eligible for an award in Years 7 and 8, this involves the five core subjects (Maths, English, Science, Global Studies and Health and Physical Education). In Years 9 and 10, this involves eight subjects (five core and three electives) and in Years 11 and 12 it involves six subjects. To qualify for the award students need to gain an ‘A’ standard (including A-) in all, or all but one of their subjects, and that one subject needs to be no lower than a ‘B’ (including B-).

Hillbrook Anglican School