A Community Conversation On Neurodiversity – RSVP by Monday 22 May

Rebecca Sharrock, autism advocate
We would like to invite everyone in our community to an ‘around the table’ after-school session at Hillbrook, on Tuesday 23 May, to meet Rebecca Sharrock, Autism Advocate, Writer, Speaker and Research Participant. Afternoon tea will be provided. Neurodiversity is a natural and valuable form of human diversity. As Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” So that we might better understand how people process information differently, Rebecca will speak to us about:
  • Her own story
  • How parents and teachers of children with autism, depression, OCD and anxiety might build better communication strategies with one another.
  • The things many children with autism wish their friends, parents, teachers and siblings knew to say or do, or not to say or do.
  • The coping mechanisms and strategies that have worked for her.
  • HSAM – living with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory
Rebecca has featured in countless news articles and on 60 minutes, for a very interesting reason. She is the only person in the world who has been found to have both autism and HSAM: Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory.  Simply put, Rebecca is unable to forget any of her memories. At 15, Rebecca was diagnosed with autism. Emotionally confused, she withdrew herself from the world, and spent time trying to find a solid ground with which to build her life upon.  By 16, she had made the very firm decision to become a writer and public speaker about autism and anxiety.  At 21, it was discovered that Rebecca had a very rare type of memory known as HSAM (her earliest being merely a week or so old). Though Rebecca graduated from high school a few years ago, many people in our community face similar daily challenges and triumphs of living with autism, depression, OCD, anxiety, HSAM and more. Rebecca has a positive outlook and a willingness to challenge herself and embrace new experiences.  She is looking forward to visiting Hillbrook, sharing her story and responding to questions. RSVP: Leisa Bye at Reception on 3354 3422 or email leisab@hillbrook.qld.edu.au by Monday 22 May. You will find more information on Rebecca here: https://alifejournaltalks.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-sharrock-11462bb0/ https://scriggler.com/SharePost/Opinion?cash=20dbd7028b6761709dcde29045a839c0
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