Musical News

We have been working hard on the musical all term. We held a rehearsal last Sunday with the leads. We ran through the main scenes of the show twice. The cast is looking great and the orphans are so adorable. We have only six weeks to work on it when school starts again.

Over the holidays the leads are all to learn to their lines and songs. Chorus members are to practise their songs and knows the lyrics off by heart as well as practise their dance steps. Hooverville and orphan choruses also need to go op shopping for costumes. There are photos online of the sort of look we are going for.

We have a lot of work to do when we get back. There are still many songs to choreograph. All cast members are required for rehearsal all day on Friday 19 January, before school starts back. This will start at 9am and go until 3pm. It has been on the rehearsal schedule since the beginning of term.

Julie Nash has already purchased a lot of fabric to make costumes for the leads and servants chorus. She will require some help to get these costumes made. Early next year, she will be holding a couple of weekends where any parent interested in helping to sew costumes can help out. Stay tuned for dates for these weekends.

Kristin Mason, Sue-Ellen Taylor & David Jones

Hillbrook Anglican School