Parent Family Network List

Connectedness, care for others, shared hope, support and comfort are all benefits of being part of the Hillbrook community. The best way to help our students realise these benefits is to lead by example. Parents are encouraged to show their students that there is no reason to be afraid to reach out, to ask for help, offer support or just put forward the hand of friendship. A majority of our families have agreed to provide their contact information, to be distributed within our community (only), to help making connections easier.

This list could be used for a number of reasons; to contact other families you may have identified (through conversations with your student) as having a common interest, or to organise sustainable transport to a year-level event. It is with a high level of trust that this information is shared and we are confident that it will be used respectfully, with the intention of enriching the experience of being part of the extended Hillbrook family.

To find the Parent Family Network List, go to Parent Lounge, click on the School Links menu – General Links 8. Hillbrook P&F Family Network Data 2017

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