Recently two of our three teams attended heats for the QLD Youth Theatresports Competition. Congratulations to the “Helmets” who competed at Stuartholme on Tuesday and the “Hosties” who competed at All Hallows on Thursday. Both teams presented a high standard of scenes, thoroughly entertaining their audiences. The “Hosties” were awarded the “Magic Moment” for their heat. Thanks to all those who came to support. The “Helmets” will advance to the Quarter Finals (date to be advised), and our third team will compete at BBC on Tuesday, May 29. 

Helmets: James Brennan, Oli Derwin, Saskia Harper, Bronte Mew, Jakson Morwood (absent: Lauren Laverty). Coach: Kristin Mason.
Hosties: Ben Keogh, Kell Jones, Camden McAuliffe, Bronte McLaren, Jasper Swenson, Emily Wiebusch. Coach: Catie Dunlop.

Hillbrook Anglican School