Visit By Associate Professor Philip Cam, UNSW

It was a privilege and a pleasure to spend a couple of days at Hillbrook supporting the Philosophy program that is being developed in the school. Having been involved in Philosophy in schools around the world for many years, I can say without hesitation that the program at Hillbrook is among the very best. Keep up the good work!  (Philip Cam, March 2018)

For two days this week Hillbrook once again welcomed Adjunct Associate Professor Philip Cam from the University of NSW. For the fourth year in a row, Phil worked with our Philosophical Inquiry teachers and classes, providing demonstration lessons, discussing curriculum development, observing teachers and giving feedback.

An international authority on philosophy in schools, Philip has run workshops for educators around the world as well as helping to pioneer the introduction of philosophy into schools in Australia. He has written extensively for teachers and students and his work has been widely translated.

We thank Phil for his generous comments and we thank our remarkable PI teachers for the wonderful work they are doing with and for our students.

Lynne Hinton – Philosophical Inquiry Teacher Coach

Hillbrook Anglican School