COVID Update 1/21

22 January 2021


We will be managing COVID-19 in a similar way to 2020. Please familiarise yourself with the details below.

Travel and Hot Spots

If you are travelling overseas due to work (eg pilot) would you please provide us details of how you are managing your COVID risk. 

If you are travelling to greater Sydney due to work would you please provide us with details of how you are managing your COVID risk.

The contact tracing list of locations will change regularly depending on community cases. At this stage the only active alerts are listed here. We will keep you updated of any changes or alerts.

You can find out more about COVID from Queensland Health here and on our COVID-19 website page here.


We have employed Natalee Condon as part of our Facilities Team and one of her roles will be the regular cleaning of shared areas and frequently touched surfaces throughout the day. 

Teachers and students will still be responsible for cleaning desks and ensuring good hygiene practices in the classroom.


If your child is sick we ask that you please keep them at home. If your child has allergies or headaches which are not caused by a cold or virus they can still attend school.

If your child has any COVID symptoms, we ask that you keep them home and contact your GP for further advice regarding testing etc. Full details of symptoms can be found here.


To encourage regular testing, we have made a change to our requirements around who should stay home if a family member is being tested. The new requirements are:

If your child is awaiting test results, they cannot attend school. If they have a sibling at Hillbrook, the sibling can attend, providing they are not unwell. 

If you or another member of your family is awaiting test results, and your child/children are not unwell, they can attend school. 

We will continue to review and monitor this and it may be subject to change depending on the number of community transmitted cases at any given time.


Masks are no longer mandatory, however if your child wishes to wear a mask at school this will be fully supported. All students in sick bay will be required to wear a mask if they have any COVID like symptoms.