The Essence of Hillbrook

What We Believe

Hillbrook is an academic, co-educational high school founded in 1987 by teachers and parents.

The School is owned and run by teachers, parents and friends of Hillbrook who are invited to become members of Hillbrook Anglican School Limited, and the School Board is elected from these members. This structure provides teachers and parents with significant responsibility for the strategic direction of the school.

Hillbrook provides our staff and students with an open, inclusive and collaborative environment that fosters inquiry, innovation and creativity.

Through our commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability, we aim to develop our students to become informed and active local, national and global citizens.

Our Motto

In Balance We Grow.

Our Vision

To open minds, inspire hearts and nurture dreams.

Our Mission

To empower young people to make a positive difference


Hillbrook lives to shape good humans that contribute to a better world by developing students
who are:

  • Able to demonstrate core academic knowledge and skills.
  • Compassionate, ethical and creative thinkers with a sense of curiosity, wonder and hope.
  • Prepared for a productive, fulfilling, well-balanced life.
  • Appreciative of their own and others’ spirituality.
  • Culturally and globally active.

Our Beliefs

These underpin the culture of our community and guide us in our decision making and in our work with our students:


All who come to the school – students, staff and parents – will grow in ways that reflect the many dimensions of what it means to be human.


There will be a dynamic balance of expectations, learning experiences, commitments and behaviour that characterises daily life at Hillbrook, as expressed in our motto ‘In Balance We Grow’.


Staff and students have the right to belong and the responsibility to contribute to our community as their talents and interests dictate.


    As Anglicans, we approach spirituality as a journey – through a creative balance of scripture, tradition, reason and experience.


    Hillbrook is founded on an inclusive focus and balance of the academic, social, spiritual and physical aspects of our development as human beings and facilitated by four themes:

    • Thinking centred
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Adolescence
    • Community

    Projects supported by Hillbrook Staff and Students

    Childhood Cancer Support

    Brightening the lives of rural families living in Brisbane while their child goes through treatment.

    Raw Impact

    Working with Raw Impact to help communities in Australia and Cambodia who are often unseen and unheard.

    Anglicare Backpack Challenge

    How the simple gift of a backpack filled with personal items can make a difference to a child in need.

    Latest news