Enrolment Process

There are a number of steps involved when you are ready to enrol your child at Hillbrook. These steps are explained below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Enrolments Team using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Year 7 Enrolment

Step 1 - Application for Enrolment

Submit an online Application for Enrolment with a non-refundable registration fee of $250 and required documentation. The acceptance of your registration will place your child on our waiting list. You need to complete one form per child.

Note: submission of an Application for Enrolment does not guarantee an enrolment or an interview. 

Step 2 - After the Application

Our enrolment process begins when your child is in Year 4. We will contact all families on the waiting list as part of this process. Please note, not all families on the waiting list will receive a first round interview. 

Step 3 - The Interview

It’s important to note the aim of this interview is to enable parents to make a confident and informed decision about their child’s education and a chance for us to get to know your family.

Step 4 - The Offer

Following the interview process, places are offered in writing, within a few weeks. Offers are made according to sibling status*, staff children, gender balance and date order of Application of Enrolment. *Siblings of current or future accepted students are given preference.

The maximum number of students for Year 7 is 150.

Step 5 - The Acceptance

If you accept the offer of a place at Hillbrook for your child, you will be required to accept the Enrolment Agreement online and pay the initial Reservation Payment in order to secure your place.

A second payment will be due before high school commences.  The ‘fees in advance’ component of these payments will be credited towards your final Term’s tuition fee.

Note: Reservation payments are non-refundable should you cancel your child’s place.

Enrolments after Year 7 commences (including Years 8-12)

The Process

Year 7

Students who did not receive an offer prior to the start of Year 7 will automatically have their enrolment rolled over into the following year – unless parents advise us to cancel or we are unable to contact you.

Years 8-12

We accept applications for entry into Years 8-12 and would encourage you to complete and Expression of Interest here.

Entry from the start of Years 11 and 12 will be at the discretion of the School Leadership Team.

Updating Enrolment Details

If your contact details change

If your contact details change in any way, or your child’s year entry changes, please advise us as soon as possible. If we are unable to contact your during the interview phase your enrolment may be cancelled.

Email – enrolment@hillbrook.qld.edu.au

Note: Email is our primary means of communication and we encourage you to keep us updated if your email address changes.

Cancellation of Enrolment

On Waiting List

If you decide to cancel your child’s enrolment, please advise our Enrolments Team.

Email – enrolment@hillbrook.qld.edu.au

Note: Application Fees and Reservation Payments are not refundable.

Current Student

One term’s notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child from Hillbrook. Failure to provide this notice will require payment of a full term’s fees, as per the Enrolment Agreement.

Students completing Year 10 are given until the beginning of Term 4 to decide on their future, although earlier notification of an intention to withdraw will always be appreciated.

As our family’s journey comes to a close, our connections with the school, students and families continues, Helen and I want to express our gratitude for all that Hillbrook has done in shaping the future and character of our two sons.

Helen and Paul

Thank you to the Hillbrook community for being there and giving the support and nurturing needed to help us build such an incredible young man.


A big thanks to the teaching team and suppport staff at Hillbrook for helping my daughter throughout her high school years.  She has grown up to be an outstanding, caring individual who we are very proud of.  Hillbrook has done a great job in helping her be the best she can be.


I would like you to pass on my sincere gratitude to all of the teachers and staff that have taken care of and helped mould my vivacious and enthusiastic daughter into the beautiful young lady she has become.


Hillbrook's purpose

Schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.

Jean Piaget

Enrolments Information

Our Enrolments Team can provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your family. If you have any further questions, please complete the form and we will contact you.

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