Hermione, our Hillbrook Hound

Hillbrook 2020

In 2018, Loris our Librarian said to Hillbrook’s then Principal, Geoff Newton “Let’s get a school dog”. Geoff, known for his preference towards cats, wasn’t sure a dog was the right fit for a school, and not to mention all the paperwork getting a dog would entail. Well, fast forward eighteen months and Hermione has become a much loved member of staff.

If you were wondering what a dog at a school might get up to, we asked Hermione to share a day in her life with you.

A day in my life … 

At 6am I am disturbed by Loris getting up. It’s hard to leave a cosy, warm bed on these chilly mornings, but then I hear the word ‘walk’!

I like our morning walk when I meet my furry friends along the street. Today on the walk I chatted with Aldo and Max. Loris says they are both the same kind of breed; Aldo is a French bulldog and Max a British bulldog. But I don’t know understand that because they are both here in Brisbane with me.

At 8am we arrive at school and the fun really begins. Morning pat and cuddles from Jane, Emily and Tamara and my special student friends Emily and Leia. Leia was afraid of dogs when she first came to Hillbrook this year, but now she’s one of my best friends and I love her too.

In Period 1 big kids arrive in the Library and I get to snuggle with them for a bit. The big boys especially like to pick me up and take me back to class with them. I know sometimes the teachers don’t like that, so I sit by the door to tell them I’m ok to go back to the Library if they’d prefer.

Morning tea means OUTSIDE. I love OUTSIDE! Now I’m a big girl I can go with the kids into the Library piazza and enjoy the grass, the sunshine and the snacks left by the students especially for me. I’m not allowed in the tuck shop but Chef Trevor always comes out and gives me a pat. I don’t like going back inside afterwards, but Emily always makes me a puppacino to enjoy while the Library ladies have their coffee, so it’s mostly ok.

The time before lunch is usually very busy and I often need a nap at some point. I might join a reading lesson in the TLC or go with Emily to Text hire to do deliveries. If I’m invited I like to visit Counselling to see how students are doing. Sometimes kids can be sad but I know how to fix that – a cuddle and a walk OUTSIDE! Some mornings I go up to Admin with Jane to do jobs and call in on Auntie Beck and the nice people upstairs. I love Auntie Beck – she has yummy biscuits and if I look cute she will give me one all for myself.

Lunchtime is OUTSIDE again! I love OUTSIDE! I have some big boys now who are my ‘minders’ and they keep me safe. Loris says it’s just in case I get any silly ideas about running on the road, now that I don’t have to go out on the lead all the time. But I wouldn’t do that – there so much to look at in the school grounds: mulch to truffle through, kids to pat me, tidbits to eat, birds to chase and grass to lie on. Did you know I love OUTSIDE?

After lunch the cleaner comes around, his name is Jeewa and I like him. He calls me “Princess” and rubs my belly. Some days are extra exciting and visiting dogs come to the Library – Charlie and Odin and Bella are my friends and I love playing with them. We share my toys and play chasey and wrestling.

If there are visitors to the school Liz will take me for a walk of the campus with them. I like showing new people our lovely spaces and they love me! Loris says all the pats I get have bonsai-ed my growth, but my breeder Elaine says she wishes every puppy could have such a safe and happy life. After school my special student friends come into the Library and we go for a walk or do something called ‘Training’. Emily has taught me how do a thing called ‘drop’ and something else called ‘stay’. I just watch her closely and then she gives me Smacko treats if I work out what she means. I love Emily! Once Loris has finished her jobs or her meetings, then we go home. If it’s not too dark we go for another walk outside – I love OUTSIDE!

Then it’s time for dinner and a relax on the couch before bed. I have such a busy life and I need my beauty sleep. I need to get rested up for another happy school day with my friends at Hillbrook.

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