Images: Artist impression of Hillbrook 2020 upgrade (BSPN Architecture)

Hillbrook 2020

We are proud to share with you the next chapter in Hillbrook's story that will see upgraded facilities, learning precincts, a village green and associated support facilities to our school. 

The works will include:

  • The creation of a Science and English precinct with seven state-of-the art Science laboratories including breakout spaces and EEI rooms;
  • Six new English classrooms;
  • A Library extension with a small auditorium;
  • A new Cafeteria with Cafe area;
  • A new Front Entrance and Administration building;
  • New Uniform and Stationery Shop;
  • End of Journey Bike Facility;
  • A larger, central green space for the students to socialise.

The design concept has been developed around Hillbrook's vision and values:

  • In Balance We Grow;
  • Provide quality, engaging learning spaces that are consistent with Hillbrook's strong academic results;
  • Continue to develop a high-quality campus while remaining a moderate fee school;
  • Retain the core philosophy of Hillbrook as a school centred around adolescence and thinking, quality teaching and learning and a sense of community;
  • Provide larger spaces that provide contact with the natural world.

A continued focus on environmental sustainability, including:

  • 50,000 litre water storage tanks for irrigation and amenities
  • A state of the art Building Management System to maximise energy efficiencies with air conditioning
  • All classrooms built to maximise ventilation and light
  • Insulation
  • LED lighting throughout.

The video below showcases the next chapter in Hillbrook's story. 

Thank you to ex-students Jono Kirkham and Gavin Parry - Yes You - for the music Frivolous Life [ft. Marcus Azon]

Hillbrook 2020 Gallery

You can follow the journey of Hillbrook 2020 through the photos and videos we share here.

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Community Consultation

Throughout the design process, consultation with the School and the wider community has been extensive. The project team meets regularly with, and reports to School Leadership Team, Parents & Friends Association and Student Representative Council to give insight and direction of the needs of the school.