I’m bored!

Bet you’ve heard that more than once during lockdown? Or even when there’s no lockdown.

We hope you enjoy the ideas below to help you and your children find the fun in family and staying at home.

Things to do Offline


Camp Australia have some great ideas for exercise here

Collect rocks to paint then leave them around your neighbourhood – The Kindness Rocks Project has some great ideas

Grow fruits and vegetables from your scraps then plant a vegetable garden 🙂

Take a book outside and read

Create a scavenger hunt. There are heaps of ideas on Pinterest, then make some art from your finds.

Teach your dog some new tricks

Meditate in the garden



Read, read and more reading – find the comfiest place you can 🙂

Learn a new hobby such as:

Practice some of the art techniques you are learning in class

Things to do online

Galleries, Museums and NASA

Some cool links from Sam and Jake!

Sam and Jake live in the USA. They found our page during their lockdown and loved visiting the links we recommended. They have sent us some new links to add. They hope you all enjoy seeing a bit more of the world.