A Message From The School Leadership Team 14/07/17

Hillbrook Senior Leadership Team 2017
NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) week starts on the first Sunday in July and celebrates the history, culture and achievement of Indigenous peoples. This year the focus is on the diversity of languages and the danger that they are being lost forever. There is much to learn from the Aboriginal and Islander people, especially around their ideas of “kinship”. Over the holidays Geoff had the privilege of trekking in the Northern Territory, around Katherine Gorge in Jarwyn Country. The trek guide spoke of his understanding of country and Indigenous culture. His talks on culture during the trek centred on the ideas around kinship and how it defines relationships with others as well as their world and their responsibilities to each other and what the land has to offer. It was a fascinating insight into the workings of the oldest living culture on the planet. There were around 750,000 people in Australia pre-1788, organised into 500 nations. Within these were clan groups and family groups that spoke over 700 languages. Now there are around 150 languages of which all but 13 are in danger of extinction. However, the concept of kinship is still strong and exists in three levels – Moiety, Totem and Skin names. The whole concept behind kinship is balance and the underlying customary laws that govern social behaviour and norms. There are a number of resources on the links provided below to further understand this concept. There is much that we can learn from the understanding that such an ancient culture has about how to relate to each other and care for the world around us. http://sydney.edu.au/kinship-module/learning/5-skin-names.shtml http://www.clc.org.au/articles/info/aboriginal-kinship http://www.australianstogether.org.au/stories/detail/kinship-and-skin-names Geoff Newton, Mark Herriman, Holly O’Sullivan Williams & David Briggs

Parent Information Evening – Wednesday 19 July

Parent Information Evening at Hillbrook Anglican School
“Caring For Our Teens In The Digital Age: What Parents Need To Know” In this digital age, children spend large amounts of time on devices surfing the internet for educational or social reasons. Hillbrook’s Education Advisory Committee (EAC) are bringing you a not-to-be-missed presentation upstairs in the Library on Wednesday 19 July @ 5.30pm. Mark your diaries now! Cyber Safety will be presented by Steve Window who spent 22 years with the Queensland Police Force including time conducting online investigations with Task Force Argus. Steve is now the Cyber Safety Officer with the Anglican Schools Commission. Steve will be followed by Miriam Scott, Hillbrook’s eLearning Coordinator, discussing resources and assistance available at school. So, what do those hours spent in front of the computer do to your body? Hillbrook parent, Rosie Grant, is a Physiotherapist with post-grad qualifications in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. Health and Ergonomics in the workplace and at home is a passion for Rosie, and she will share her knowledge and insight into the safe physical parameters of technology use. Join us at 5.30pm on Wednesday 19 July for tea, coffee and soup, for a 5.45pm start. The evening will wrap up at 7.45pm.

Subject Selection 2018

We are at that time of year where we ask our current Year 7, 8 and 10 students to make their subject choices for 2018. To assist with this process, subject information booklets, and information about how to make subject selections, will be emailed to parents and students and made available on Online@Hillbrook, via the following links (Student login will be required): Year 10s into Years 11-12:  Year 10 Info page – O@H Year 8 into 9:  Year 8 Info page – O@H Year 7 into 8:  Year 7 Info page – O@H This term, we will be hosting Parent Information Evenings, as well as Teacher/Parent/Student Interview and Information afternoons, for our current Years 7, 8 and 10 students. The dates, times and venues are below:
Year Level Information Evening Teacher/Parent/Student Interviews
Year 10 2017 into Years 11-12 2018/2019 Thursday 20 July 6 – 7.30pm Tree of Life Chapel Wednesday 26 July 3.40 – 5.30pm Library
Year 8 2017 into Year 9 2018 Wednesday 2 August 6 – 7.30pm Tree of Life Chapel Thursday 10 August 3.40 – 5.30pm Library
Year 7 2017 into Year 8 2018 Wednesday 9 August 6 – 7.30pm Tree of Life Chapel Thursday 10 August 3.40 – 5.30pm Library
During our Interview and Information afternoons, parents and students will have an opportunity to speak with Teachers and Subject Coordinators about the offerings for their respective year levels in 2018. Please continue to read newsletter articles for future information regarding subject selection.

Year 12 QTAC Evening

Parent Evening Planning group
A reminder to parents of Year 12 that the Year 12 QTAC Information Evening will be held on Monday 24 July at 6pm in the Chapel.  The evening will cover all aspects of the QTAC application process, including how to order preferences, update pathways, key dates to be aware of and an update of any recent changes.

End-Of-Semester Reports

A junior secondary student working on a computer in the library
Years 8, 11 and 12 students will receive their hard copy reports on Friday 21 July. These will be in a sealed envelope to be brought home to parents.  Please have a discussion with your child prior to receiving their reports about whether they are able to open them before returning home. Electronic copies of this report will also be available on Parent Lounge in the afternoon of Friday 21 July. These reports are designed to provide an indication to students regarding their progress at this point of their studies. The timing of these reports reflect the fact that students learn and are assessed on content until the end of the semester. Feedback from teachers will occur in the form of criteria and subject results, personalised comments and/or subject outlines, offering advice about how to improve student results in the future. Our teachers have provided this feedback, including subject results, to students prior to reports being received. It is helpful if parents and students discuss this feedback, and seek further clarification or assistance from teachers where necessary.

From The School Board

Hillbrook Entrance and Foundation Tree
At the first Board meeting following the May AGM, the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Board 2017-2018 were elected. Rob Seljak will continue as Chairperson and Shannon Woodrow was elected Deputy Chairperson. Grateful thanks were expressed to Debbie Enright who stood down from the Deputy Chairperson position after several years but who will remain on the Board as a director. She continues to be an integral part of Hillbrook’s marketing initiatives. Board Committee structures were approved; the members of the Committees are as follows: Remuneration Committee Members: Rob Seljak (Chair); Debbie Enright; Loris Phair Audit & Risk Management Committee Members: Shannon Woodrow (Chair, Board Member); Scott Kennelly (Board Member); Geoff Newton (Principal & Board Member); Andrew Devenish (Board Member) Nominations Committee Members: Rob Seljak (Chair); Deb Enright; Geoff Newton; Damian Larkin In Attendance: David Briggs (Business Manager); Bronwyn Wearne (Finance Manager); Philip Nagle (Risk Management Professional) From time to time project sub-committees are formed and their membership can include people with particular expertise and experience. Hillbrook has been in dialogue with various parties including peak bodies and the government, expressing its concerns about the school’s proposed loss of funding. The Board and School Leadership Team are working on a variety of strategies to ensure that Hillbrook remains a moderate fee school offering a high quality teaching and learning environment. Rob Seljak – Chairperson

Student Gig To Raise Funds For Charity

Current students Sarah Engstrom and Sami Heinonen-Barnes have collaborated with past students James Bendixen and Mitchell Young to form One Night Band. They will be performing at Hilder Road State School hall tomorrow, 15 July, from 7-8pm, to raise funds for the charity RAW Impact. All money raised directly supports families in Cambodia. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=288229

Student News

Congratulations to Madeleine Laurent and the Australian Junior National Team for synchronised swimming who recently won gold at the at US Open junior competition in New York. Well done, girls! Congratulations also, to Hillbrook student Jarrah Love for his successful application into QUT’s Vice-Chancellor’s STEM camp. He is one of a handful of high-achieving Year 11 students selected to attend the fully funded five-day research-intensive camp to engage in solving some of the major challenges facing our society today. Jarrah will take advantage of QUT’s unique learning environment and have an opportunity to experience groundbreaking research as it happens, inside their world class research facilities. Enjoy, Jarrah. We look forward to hearing some amazing stories when you return!

Maths Tutorials – Semester 2, 2017

Wednesday afternoons (3.20pm – 4.20pm) in B3 The teachers in the Hillbrook Mathematics department will supervise students for after school practice in Mathematics on the following dates this semester. The tutorials run from 3.20pm to 4.20pm in B3. Students from any year level may come along to work on homework, assignments or other mathematics tasks to consolidate concepts or obtain some extra help.
Term 3
Week/Date Rostered Teacher
2    19 July Ms Natoli
3    26 July Ms Johnston
4    2 August Ms Vallely
5    9 August Ms Axelsen
6    16 August Public Holiday
7    23 August Mr Spence
8    30 August Mrs Newton
9    6 September Mr Driver
Term 4
Week/Date Rostered Teacher
11    4 October Mr Larkin
13    11 October Mrs Newton
14    18 October Ms Vallely
15    25 October Mrs Thatcher
16    1 November Mr Spence
17   7 November Ms Natoli
(due to Celebration Evening)
So, come along – sign in to begin and sign out if you are done before 4.20pm. Be sure to have your questions ready to ask!

Athletics Carnival

Yes once again it is Athletics season and participation is the key. All students are expected to compete in a minimum of four events, be they novelty or formal. If a student is unable to participate in any of the activities it would be appreciated if parents could provide a short note of explanation. Our annual Athletics Carnival is a frantic day of running, jumping, throwing, novelty and competition! A day where the whole school participates in activities and fun. The carnival will be held on the AFL fields next door to Hillbrook and families are very welcome to attend. Events will commence at approximately 8.45am, however all students are required to be at the Rec Centre by 8.30am for an opening assembly. Dress standards are the same as for other informal occasions such as Free Dress Day and Outdoor Ed trips. This means:
  • covered footwear
  • sleeved shirts
  • no midriffs
  • broad brimmed hat and sun-screen is essential
  • water bottle
Students may travel to and from school in neat and tidy team colours. Could parents help students organise themselves to be sun safe for the day. Tuckshop facilities will be available. This is a normal school day and all students are expected to attend. Good luck!!!

The Digital Corner

Supporting Your Child Online

Parents need to discuss the consequences of a negative digital reputation with their children. In order to protect their reputation, both online and offline, young people need to consider how they manage their own and others’ messages and images.
  • Talk to your children about managing personal information on social networking sites. Encourage them not to put any personal information on their profiles. This includes their phone number, personal email address, home or school addresses, or the name of their school.
  • Remind your children that much of what they do online can be made public, and may go beyond the group of friends they intend it to reach. A good general guide is for kids not to post photos that they would not want strangers to see.
  • Encourage your children to be careful when they post photos and to consider how what they post might be viewed by others.
  • Talk to your children about the potential social, academic, employment and legal implications of posting inappropriate material of themselves or others online. Encourage them to think about who might see the content and what the impact might be, now and in the future.
  • Remind them to take care with others’ digital reputations. They should not post images of others without their permission and should take care with comments about others.
Digital Corner – Cyber Bytes Issue 1 April 2017: Check out the latest CyberBytes newsflash from the Anglican Schools Commission Miriam Scott – Leader of eLearning

Staff News

There have been a few staff changes over the holidays. Firstly we say farewell to Trent Palmer. The introduction of the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance system will bring about changes to the subject offerings in the Technologies subject area. As a result, Trent has decided to leave Hillbrook from the start of Term 3. This decision will allow him to pursue other opportunities that are on offer to him. Trent has made a significant contribution to Hillbrook through initiating and developing the surfboard making community activity and in his various roles within the Design and Technology Department. His significant contribution to the department is to be applauded over his 10 years at Hillbrook. Mark Williamson will replace Trent for the rest of the year. Sarah Hart was with us for 6 months in the Enrichment Centre and has accepted a coordinator role in a school closer to where she lives. We would like to thank Sarah for her wonderful contributions to Hillbrook this year. Jocelyn Bagdonas who has been a part of the Enrichment Centre for nearly 10 years as Teacher Aide is also leaving. During Jocelyn’s time here she was studying to be a teacher and has now graduated and been offered a teaching position at Narangba. We thank her for all her hard work and commitment over her time at Hillbrook and we wish her all the best in her career. In addition, Mel Cooke our Marketing Co-ordinator has also tended her resignation. While we are sad to see her leave, we are also very grateful for all the valuable work and the changes that she has lead in our communication strategies to the school community. The changes to our social media presence, website and the implementation of our app were significant accomplishments during Mel’s time at Hillbrook. We look forward to seeing Mel’s new business opportunities thrive. We wish Trent, Sarah, Jocelyn and Mel all the best in the future. We also welcome back Sonika Burjorjee (Kaul) to provide classroom support and administration duties in the Enrichment Centre. Kari Francis will be returning part-time to allow her arm to heal properly and Paula Hart will take some of Kari’s classes for the first six weeks of term.

New Tuckshop Menu!

Students at the Tuckshop
Term 3 sees a few changes to the Tuckshop menu with daily specials and some new items added! Click Tuckshop Menu 2017 to have a look! A second bain marie has been purchased to allow us to prepare more fresh food and keep it hot. We have great plans for the Tuckshop but the main thing that is holding us back is our volunteer numbers!!! We are desperately seeking a few more volunteers to help – just once per month. We really need to be able to rely on our volunteer base as if we have a day without volunteers we are unable to cook or prepare the full menu. CURRENT VOLUNTEERS – please check your roster for the rest of the year – WE NEED YOU!! NEW VOLUNTEERS – please come and give it a try!! We really need you!! Contact Julie or Muriel in the Tuckshop on 3354 6422 for further information.

Tuckshop Roster

Hillbrook Tuckshop Counter
Mon 17 Jul Tue 18 Jul Wed 19 Jul Thu 20 Jul Fri 21Jul
Alison Hill Amerson Stephenson Helen McAuliffe Carmel MacMillan Amanda Townsend Narrelle Bennett Renuka Russell Gudrun Said Christina Nash Karen Kennelly Leigh Hale Jenny Hawkins Kate Cox Carolyne Ward Julie Jones Suzi Seeto Linda Chu Sandy Jamieson Judith Meiklejohn Kylie Murray Helen Sargisan

Uniform & Stationery Shop Roster

Hillbrook Uniform Shop
Mon 17 Jul Wed 19 Jul Fri 21 Jul
12pm – 2pm 8am – 9am  8am – 9am
Michelle Hung Monique Davies Sandra Poltl Carolyn Ellaway Kimberlee Fournier Cathy Orchard Gudrun Said Hilary Davies Julia Kroll Anne Ozdowska Amanda Allen

Photo Gallery – Year 7 Orienteering

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