Information for New Parents

The move from primary to high school is a significant milestone for families and also a learning curve for students and parents as they navigate their way through unfamiliar routines.

At Hillbrook there are many families at different stages of the journey; students in Year 7 and in other grades who are starting at a new school this year, parents doing their best to support new students and families who remember what it was like back in those early days of high school.

To make starting out a little easier, here you will find some great tips and handy references whilst settling in, including a Featured Tip of the Week from Week 3 - Week 8.

We hope that during your time here you’ll find support and friendship within our community and that you’ll find opportunities to share ideas and make contributions of your own.

See below for upcoming new parent evening calendar events.


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Term One: Featured Tip of the Week

Your Connections

Home Class Teacher

The Home Class teacher has primary responsibility for the academic progress and well-being of each child in their Home Class and is the best first point of contact for most enquiries. If you have any concerns about your child’s social and academic progress, or feel non-school activities or relationships may be impacting your child while at Hillbrook (family tragedy, extended holidays, intensive extra-curricular activities, emotional or anxiety issues), please inform the Home Class teacher. Email information for all your child's teachers can be found on Parent.Lounge.

How often should I contact my child’s Home Class teacher?

Most parents make contact with their child’s Home Class teacher once or twice a term, depending on their child’s specific needs, usually to check on academic or personal progress.
Occasionally some parents need to communicate with the Home Class teacher more regularly, particularly if their child requires specific learning support. 


Both female and male counsellors are available to students, and also to parents so they may support their child better. The role of the counsellors is two fold:

Personal - Students who feel they need emotional support beyond that of the Home Class teacher, parents or friends, can take advantage of the ‘open door’ policy in the Counsellor’s centre in F Block. Unless there's a duty of care to register a student potentially in danger, all conversations remain confidential between the student and the counsellor.

Career pathways: The Counselling centre is where students can access printed information and support relating to subject selection, tertiary applications and career pathways.

How often should I contact the Counsellor?

For some students, they will only speak with the counsellor once, when they choose their senior subjects in Year 10. Other students may drop in to speak with a counsellor occasionally, for example if they want to work out a plan of action to deal with stress. Some students benefit from weekly or fortnightly sessions, to resolve a longer-standing issue. Students who wish to change subjects are required to see the counsellor for information and ‘Change of Subject’ forms.

There are many other forms of student support and more information can be found here.

Parents can find a connection with other parents in their child's Home Class through Parents.Connect



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I inform if my child will be absent?

A. Leisa or Beck on Reception before 8 am. Ph: 3354 3422

Q. How can I see what my child is currently studying and look at subject assignment tasks?

A. We advise that you log onto Online@Hillbrook with your student periodically (they have a login to this student learning portal) to support them in their study.  You will find a link to Courses and under this menu item you will find subject assignment sheets, criteria sheets, exercises and resources.

Q. How can I pay for an excursion?

A. Log into Parent.Lounge and follow the prompts.

Q. What if my child is experiencing friendship issues?

A. Email your child’s Home Class teacher at your earliest convenience. Their email can be found on Parent Lounge.

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