Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee has met since 1987, the year the school was founded. It consists of interested parents and the School Leadership Team (SLT) and is recognised as having the potential and capacity to be the mechanism for the P&F to have strategic input to support the education of the Hillbrook community including young people, parents and staff.

With a focus on Hillbrook’s philosophy of ‘In balance we grow’ as expressed in the four themes: adolescence, community, teaching and learning, and thinking, the EAC coordinates at least one parent information evening a term, provides extra-curricular opportunities for students (e.g. Year 12 driver training), and seeks and provides feedback from the parent body to the SLT.

Parent Information Evenings are a great way to keep in touch with issues of interest to all parents. Please refer to the calendar for dates.

For more information please contact the Education Advisory Committee Convenor via the EAC Contact Form.

EAC Contact Form