Uniform, Stationery and Tuckshop



The foundation students of the school were involved in selecting uniform styles. Through the Student Representative Council, students have continued to be involved in changes, modifications and updates.

There are a range of choices available for our students, their choice of which uniform to wear is not dictated by season or occasion. Thus, we do not have a winter or summer / formal or informal uniform, just a choice of styles and combinations for students to choose from.


Stationery can be purchased from the Uniform & Stationery Shop on campus.

Opening Hours

Mon: 12pm - 2pm | Wed: 8am - 9am | Fri: 8am - 9am 




Hillbrook’s Tuckshop practices the school’s philosophy by encouraging a balanced diet, for adolescent growth, strength, energy and overall health.

The nutritional offering is consistent with what is taught in Home Economics and Health classes. It has been clearly established that eating habits are formed during childhood and adolescence.

The Tuckshop is often the major provider of food during the school day and menu items are generally chosen for their high nutritional value.


Hillbrook Anglican School