Parents.Connect and Parents.Learning

Once you have signed into Parent Lounge, click on Student Details and select Parents.Connect from the left hand menu. Change the Authority to share information to No if you do not wish to be contacted by Parents.Connect or Parents.Learning.

Note, if parents don’t live together and one or both of your do not want to be contacted, please contact us directly via email  If you change your mind you can opt back in at any time, and alternatively, if you no longer want to be contacted you can opt out. 

Our teams will be in touch with you very soon with upcoming opportunities for you to connect and learn.

If you are interested in becoming a Parents.Connect Class Liaison or a Parents.Learning Ambassador please email either or for more information.


Parents.Connect is designed to connect parents to each other via their child’s Home Class and year level through Parent Liaisons, as well as providing the opportunity for social gatherings. You will be kept up to date via email with any opportunities to engage and get to know other parents.


Parents.Learning will deliver a series of forums each year on topics relevant to adolescent growth and development. It is our hope that Parents.Learning will empower parents through expert knowledge and collective wisdom, which ultimately provides opportunities for you to lead the way with optimism and strength as you nurture your young people.

We look forward to building on our connection with you and adding strength to the Hillbrook community together.

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