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Student Proof of Residency

We require you to complete the Student Proof of Residency Form in Parent Lounge for your child. Please read the information below prior to completing these details.

Important Information

For our records, we require proof of residency documents for all current and incoming students to Hillbrook. Please provide a photograph or scanned copy of the documents below.

Please refer to the below table for what is required as proof of residency.

Student born in Australia (AU) Student born in New Zealand (NZ) Student born outside of Australia or New Zealand

Birth Certificate


Valid Australian Passport


Australian Citizenship Certificate (if both parents born outside Australia)

Valid Passport


Birth Certificate and Australian Citizenship Certificate

Valid Passport


Valid Foreign Passport AND valid VISA


Birth Certificate AND Australian Citizenship Certificate.

 Please note all information received is handled with the strictest of confidence.


How to update your child’s information

Log into Parent Lounge (you can access Parent Lounge by clicking on the yellow button at the bottom of this page). If you haven’t logged on to Parent Lounge before you will find your log on details in an email from Sophie Smith.

Click on Student Details and choose General Details, as per number 1 arrow below.

Complete information in Section 3 Below – ID / Residency Documents – click on the update button to input information. Don’t forget to upload your documents!

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