RAW Impact

Hillbrook and Raw Impact have been working together since 2017 when a group of 45 students and teachers headed to Cambodia to build a home for a family. In order to fund the trip and purchase the building materials, students and staff raised money through a number of fundraising initiatives.

In 2019, another 23 students and staff went back to Cambodia to build a home for another family, as well as participating in the agricutural program by planting bamboo crops. Another trip was planned for 2021, however COVID soon put an end to overseas travel. RAW Impact still have a team working in Cambodia and we are continuing to raise money for them through charity bike rides and other initiatives.

The main aim of these trips is to give a personal meaning to the notion of giving. While participating in these projects, our students are working with families that lack basic facilities, and people who are living in poverty. They work together with the families to create a promising, sustainable future for them as shown in the video from the family who occupy the first home built by Hillbrook in 2017.

RAW Impact began working in Cambodia in 2013, dedicated to providing a hand up to families living in poverty. Since then they have built a school, established community farms, built a bamboo village creating home and community for many families and facilitated teacher training for local Cambodian teachers. I

Their 3 key pillars are:

Sustain – partnering with communities to provide sustainable livelihoods through initiatives such as intensive farming and agricultural initiatives.

Educate – School infrastructure and teacher training to increase the capacity of local primary schools so kids can thrive.

Protect – Innovative design and build projects to provide safe housing and community infrastructure.

You can find out more about their work in Cambodia here.