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Student Medical Information

We require you to complete the Student Medical Details in Parent Lounge for your child. Please read the information below prior to completing these details.


Important Information: Due to legal requirments, we do not allow students to carry medication/drugs at Hillbrook (other than an EpiPen, Asthma/Diabetic medication). Medication, other than those mentioned, need to be left with Reception, with a written explanation from the parent/carer as to how it is to be administered. Please contact Reception on 3354 3422 or email reception@hillbrook.qld.edu.au for more information.

Anaphylaxis and Asthma

If your child suffers from either of the above please email us a copy of the appropriate action plan to reception@hillbrook.qld.edu.au


If a situation is judged by us to be an emergency, an ambulance will be called straight away.


How to update your child’s information

Log into Parent Lounge (you can access Parent Lounge by clicking on the yellow button at the bottom of this page). If you haven’t logged on to Parent Lounge before you will find your log on details in an email from Sophie Smith.

Click on Student Details and choose Medical Details, as per number 2 arrow below.



Complete Medical Details and Swimming Details as indicated below by clicking on the Update button when in Parent Lounge. To add a medical condition please click the new button for each condition.

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