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Student Wellbeing

Hillbrook’s approach to Student Wellbeing has 3 focus areas: Focusing on Ourselves; Tuning into Others; and Understanding the larger world.

We started 2020 expressing these 3 areas as Being Brave…Being Kind…Being Involved.

And while the year now looks radically different to anything that we could have dreamt or imagined, we believe these 3 aspirations can ring true for our students, their families and Hillbrook staff. 

This approach, together with our other enduring principles, helps to shape our social and emotional learning response to the COVID-19 challenge, as expressed in our Remote Learning mode of Home Class Daily Starter program, Chapel, Year Coordinator and Counselling actions and responses.

Hillbrook is about ‘adolescents’ – they are who we want to work with and journey with. And, we are privileged to be part of their lives during this extraordinary time.

If you have any concerns about your child’s learning and/or wellbeing we’ve provided this Who Should I Speak With guide to help you. Or alternatively you can call reception 3354 3422 and leave a message on the dedicated Student Wellbeing line. Your call will be returned by a member of the Student Wellbeing Team.


Student Protection

Ask for Help

Home Teachers, Student Counsellors, the School Chaplain, Year Coordinators, the Head of Student Wellbeing, Hillbrook’s School Leadership Team and any teacher are ready and willing to give advice or support at any time. Every student has the right to feel safe and free from harm at all times. At Hillbrook, creating a safe environment for our students is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Click here to access our Student Protection Policies.


Community information about child protection and support services is also available from the following:

If you believe a child is in immediate danger, or in a life-threatening situation, please call triple zero (000).”

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