Digital Access Pass (DAP)

An interactive, online educational program designed, by students, to help teenagers navigate their online world in a way that is safe, relevant, engaging and purposeful.

What We Believe

What does it mean to be a competent, discerning and ethical user?

  • Competent Users
    You have the knowledge and skills to use the online environment capably and in a safe and secure manner.
  • Discerning Users
    You are sensible and selective in your online interaction and will approach online content with a critical eye.
  • Ethical Users
    You are aware of the legal and ethical dimensions of online options and consciously make good choices

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Our Goal

To work together to create an educational program designed to encourage and support students to become competent, discerning and ethical users of their online environment.

Our Mission

To reach humans and help them understand that their online choices matter.

DAP History

This initiative was started at Hillbrook by Miriam Scott, the Head of Digital Education, and a group of students, passionate about helping their peers learn how to avoid some of the landmines that were impacting them negatively online. 

Since launching in 2018, the program has evolved and the target audience has grown from the Hillbrook community to a global one. The DAP Team took their message to social media and launched an awareness campaign that resulted in like-minded people and organisations contributing to courses to help build the Digital Access Pass.

Hillbrook's purpose

The DAP Team

The DAP team is made up of a combination of:

  • teachers,
  • students and
  • industry experts

who work together to achieve the common mission of reaching humans to help them understand that their online choices matter.

Can anyone join the DAP Team?

  • Are you an artist?
  • Do you have a passion for the written word?
  • Are you an industry professional?
  • Maybe you are curious or just want a safer online world for everyone?
  • We are very inclusive and welcome anyone to take part in helping this program evolve. Talk to one of the Team or Mrs Scott to find out more.

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