Music at Hillbrook

What We Believe

I’ve played the saxophone for six years, however I never would have progressed and accomplished so much if it wasn’t for the extraordinary Hillbrook Music Program. Since the first day of Year 7, I was determined to be a part of as many Hillbrook bands as possible and in doing this my love for music flourished. Every piece, every note is played in a way to convey a message, to dwell on emotions and make the musicians and audience feel a part of something magical.

One of the most memorable moments was in Year 9 when Mr Jones dedicated a piece to a full saxophone solo, in which I was given the chance to play. At first, I was nervous with the thoughts of stuffing up. However, after every rehearsal I grew more confident in the piece and my ability, because Mr Jones would sit aside and help me practice. The piece was titled ‘Simply Wonderful’ and we performed it in the Botanical Gardens at Mt Coot-tha.  When I played my nerves disappeared as the music took over me. The gardens were filled with the sound of my saxophone solo as the others accompanied me.

This memory still replays in my head as I remember the heartfelt song and beaming smiles of the audience. Memories like these keep me playing and nurture my passion for my love of music.

Emily, Year 10

Music provides our students with experiences and challenges that will benefit them throughout life. It helps develop life skills they can apply to other subjects and situations such as:

  • learning to work in a team
  • building self discipline and concentration
  • enhancing problem solving skills
  • building self esteem
  • developing physical coordination
  • accepting responsibility for their own progress
  • providing the opportunity to be creative and expressive.

Our music students gain experience in performing in large ensembles, chamber groups and eventually solo performances. During classroom music students will be learning an instrument or honing their vocal skills during class. Music is compulsory in Year 7 and becomes an elective from Year 8.


It feels really nice to get a sequence together on my violin. It sounds really beautiful when it comes together.

Freya Year 7

Brass section of Hillbrook orchestra

Co-curricular Music Program

Hillbrook offers an extensive and high quality co-curricular Music program in which students have the opportunity to undertake individual instrumental or voice lessons with a specialist teacher.

Students involved in the co-curricular Music program are encouraged to become involved in one or more of the many performance ensembles. These include: concert bands, string orchestras, choirs, stage bands, brass bands, percussion ensembles, guitar ensembles and small chamber groups. Student generated ensembles are also encouraged and supported with facilities and performance opportunities.

At Hillbrook, there is a strong link between the academic and co-curricular Music programs. This allows students to benefit academically from the effort put into their individual co-curricular activities and, in turn, classroom activities compliment the practical performance skills accordingly.

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I play the bassoon because it is fun to learn to read notes and make cool sounds.
Clara, Year 7

“Music communicates that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
Victor Hugo

Comprehending the basic language of music is inherently human, but like any language there are levels of understanding that are enhanced through knowledge, effort and practice. Understanding the language of music enhances the meaning and the experience. If music truly is saying that which can’t be spoken, don’t we all deserve the opportunity to hear the full story?

David Jones, Head of Music

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