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‘It has been a joy to see the way Outdoor Education has grown in the life of the school, to become one of the defining features of a Hillbrook education. I can’t offer enough praise to the wonderful people who pioneered and developed this course and to those educators who continue to deliver it today.’ Norm Hunter OAM (Co-founder of Hillbrook)

Hillbrook Outdoor Education

Year Level Themes and Activities

A theme helps direct the programming and curriculum for each year level. Year 7 to 11 have a mixture of camps and activity days. Year 12 have a single camp.


3 day introductory camp in Term 1. Based in and around Mt Barney National Park students learn the basics of what camps at Hillbrook involve and learn about this area on a hike to Yellow Pinch Lookout, and a li-lo journey on the Logan River.

Activity Days

Term 2 – Orienteering

Term 3 – Ropes Course

Term 4 – Canoe and Water Adventure


4 day base style camp in Term 2. This camp takes place on the Granite Belt, an area that fits perfectly with theme of exploration. Students explore the formations, peaks and caves of this area and build on their basic skills.

Activity Days

Term 1 – River and Rafting Day

Term 3 – Rock Climbing

Term 4 – The Urban Adventure

“Camp was a whirlwind, it still hasn’t hit me that it was real, not some crazy dream. It was exhausting and enlightening, but overall a great experience.” Year 8 student


4 day journey based camp in Term 3. This camp to get to know their own back yard as smaller student groups combine bushwalking, paddling and pedalling as they journey.

Activity Days

Term 1 – Bike and Boat

Term 2 – Orienteering

Term 4 – Ropes Course

“It was so much fun to be able to get back outdoors and away from the classroom. My favourite part of camp was being able to see so many stars and just how dark it became at night. Even though our camp was shortened, it was definitely worth it!” Year 9 student


4 day journey and reflective experience in Term 4, along a Coastal National Park, this camp involves students undertaking dune rehabilitation, team building activities and the ‘solo’. A reflective art process is woven through camp, and students are challenged to consider their transition to senior schooling, and toward adulthood.

Activity Days

Term 1 – Gorge Walk

Term 2 – Surf/Sea Kayak

Term 3 – Rogaining

‘Nature is such a wonder…it’s amazing that when I take a bucket of water out of the ocean to use for my painting, it is not affected one bit. My footprint in the sand, probably no-one else will see. From where I am seated I can see one other person (in the distance) who is only millimeter big. This all proves to me that all the things I see as “big problems” are really only, in the scheme of things, nothing.’ Year 10 Student after completing camp.


4 – 8 day student led expedition, which requires small groups of students to learn about, plan for and undertake an expedition in a venue they feel an affinity for. This largely self directed experience is a fabulous reflection of students growing capacity to collaborate and create their own positive and rich experiences

Activity Days

Term 2 – First Aid Certificate

Term 2 – Overnight practice journey in D’Aguilar National Park


4 – 5 Day camp with a focus on a nature based, low impact, adventurous pursuit. This final Outdoor Education experience is for students to bring together their outdoor skills and experiences and practice these while working toward master of a specific skill. The emphasis here is on helping students gain access to another way to enjoy nature, while working on their leadership and group skills. Students nominate to be involved in a camp that focuses on one pursuit, with offerings in past years including sea kayaking, sailing, white-water canoeing, mountain biking, climbing, canoe-touring and horse-riding.

Hillbrook Outdoor Education Camp

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