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Click here to access your customised timetable for Remote Learning.

Timetables are sorted by Year level.

Each timetable specifically sets out the following:

  • When students are required to be online for a Zoom lesson with their teacher.
  • When students are required to be using their subject Learning Plan (via online@hillbrook) for self-guided learning.

You will notice there are two timetables per Year level, as the first week will be slightly different due to an orientation lesson for each subject.

  1. Timetable for 20-24 April – this is for the first week of Term, which includes time for an orientation lesson for each subject with their teacher. Please note Lesson 1A begins at 9:00am this week only.
  2. Timetable for 27 April onward – this is the timetable to use from the second week of Remote Learning.


  • Students will be invited to their Zoom lesson via communication from their teacher
  • During remote learning students will receive regular feedback on their work from their teacher. Teachers will explain this process during orientation.

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