Enrolment Process Overview

  • All families who would like their child to attend Hillbrook are required to participate in an enrolment interview before an offer can be made. Hillbrook invites all families who have lodged an enrolment application to take part in the interview process when their child is in Year 4.
  • General interviews take up to 40 minutes and learning support interviews 20 minutes. If more time is needed our Enrichment staff will organise a follow up meeting or phone call.
  • Places are offered soon after interviews based on the date order of enrolment applications (factoring in relevant sibling status). This process can take several months as we work our way down the enrolment list, so please don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear from us immediately.
  • Not all students interviewed will receive a place in the initial offer rounds, however due to a wide range of circumstances, some families may decline or cancel their offer and as this occurs we will continue to contact families who are next on the enrolment waiting list.
  • Interviewed students not offered a place will remain on the waiting list in order of the date of their enrolment application, pending vacancies arising. The waiting list will be updated early in Year 6 in preparation for expected cancellations throughout that year.
  • Accepting an offer will secure your child’s place upon receipt of the first instalment of the reservation payment along with your signed Enrolment Agreement. The reservation payment is payable in two instalments; the first at the time of accepting the offer, and the second payment early in the year before high school commences. The “fees in advance” component of the reservation fee will be credited towards your first term’s tuition fees.
  • Tuition fees are anticipated to rise by approximately 2 – 3% per annum. Hillbrook aims to remain a moderate fee school, balancing the need to keep fee increases to a minimum while ensuring the quality of education and resources offered to students is of the highest standard. Full details of our current Fee Schedule can be found at www.hillbrook.qld.edu.au/enrolment
  • The Enrolment Agreement, signed on acceptance of an offer, is a contract between the parents or guardians and the School to uphold the ethos of the school, abide by all school policies and ensure that all school fees are paid on time.
  • When accepting a place, parents/guardians are asked to consider the following, which are compulsory components of our school curriculum:
    • the ability of the prospective student to benefit from the academic, non-vocational educational offerings of Hillbrook; and
    • the expectation of full participation in programs and activities integral to the School’s curriculum, including our Outdoor Education program.
  • Families who do not accept an interview or offer can either cancel their enrolment or remain on the waiting list. Please note in this instance your place on the waiting list will be revised, based on the date you advise us of your renewed interest in your child’s enrolment at Hillbrook.

If you require further information please contact our Enrolments Coordinator, Liz Laws on 3354 6440, or email at enrolments@hillbrook.qld.edu.au or visit www.hillbrook.qld.edu.au/enrolment.

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