During the recent school holidays, we headed to the beautiful and historic city of Fremantle to represent Hillbrook at The Future of Philosophy in Schools 2018 FAPSA Conference. Keynote speakers included Peter Worley (CEO and Co-founder of The Philosophy Foundation UK) and Professor Michael Hand (Professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of Birmingham UK).


While there, we presented a 40-minute workshop entitled Thinking Adolescents: Engaging Adolescents in Philosophical Inquiry – A Whole School Approach. This showcased some of the wonderful work we are doing here at Hillbrook in the area of Philosophical Inquiry. Conference delegates were given the opportunity to experience an authentic Hillbrook PI lesson and this was met with rave reviews.


Our favourite part of the conference was hearing and meeting academics and educators from many parts of the world and taking on some of the philosophical questions and challenges ourselves. For example: Close your eyes and try to think of nothing(give it a go!).


The conference was run by FAPSA (the Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Association). FAPSA seeks to enrich and expand philosophy education in schools in Australasia. They also produce The Journal of Philosophy in Schools, thefocus of which is research into philosophy with school-aged children.If you are interested in reading the journal articles, they can be found here.


Tegan Baumgart(Philosophy Co-ordinator) & Amy Eberhardt(Philosophical Inquiry Support Teacher)