Student Support & Wellbeing

Student support at Hillbrook takes many forms. Staff accept collective responsibility for all students, whether or not those students are in their classes. This is in keeping with our concept of the school as a community. 

Home Teachers

Each class has a Home Teacher, whose role it is to know each student well and to be in touch with their progress. The Home Teacher is also usually the first point of contact for parents who have any concerns about how a student may be coping academically or personally.

Student Counsellors

The Student Counsellor, Mrs Sue Forbes, is responsible for student welfare and for course and careers counselling.

Enrichment Centre

The Enrichment Centre provides advice and assistance for students with individual needs, ranging from learning difficulties and disabilities through to students’ special talents and interests.

The staff work closely with teachers and parents so that students with special needs are integrated into daily classes wherever possible.

The Enrichment Centre staff are:

Judy Mulherin :

Christel Long:  

Student Management Team

In an age of uncertainty and rapid change, young people face difficult tensions and choices.  At Hillbrook we aim to empower our community to make positive choices. Our core values of balance, collaborative behaviour, continuous learning and personal development are the key elements of the school’s approach.

The Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities is the working document on which student management and behaviour are founded. The fundamental principle of the Declaration is the need to balance rights and responsibilities. The broad aim of the Student Management Team is to encourage this balance and to enhance the welfare and progress of students.

The Student Management Team works to be pro-active in supporting students and to ensure that students are aware of and understand school policies and rules. Two teachers are responsible for each year group from Years 7 to 10; and two are responsible for Years 11 and 12, with another two teachers working across all year levels.

If a student makes a mistake or contravenes school policies or rules, a member of the Student Management Team addresses the issue with the student, to ensure they understand what has gone wrong, what the consequences are and a positive pathway going forward.


Hillbrook’s Chaplain is responsible for developing, organising and leading the presentation of all school ceremonies during the year. These include traditional religious ceremonies, such as the Easter Service and All Souls Day, as well as school ceremonies including the Welcome to New Staff, ANZAC Day and the Year 12 Farewell. This practice serves to remind us that God is the grounding of all we do.

The Chaplain works as part of, and leads, the wider chaplaincy team. This group includes the School Leadership Team, the School Counsellor, Enrichment Centre staff, other staff members and students and parents as members of the Chapel Committee.

School Chaplain: David Adams

Student Protection Officers

School Protection Officers are a contact for students to liaise with if they are feeling unsafe; or to whom they make complaints of harm, inappropriate behaviour or sexual abuse.

Mrs Sue Forbes – Counsellor

David Adams – Chaplain

Mr Steven Cambridge - PSD Subject Coordinator

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