In the early 1980s, a small group of dedicated teachers dared to dream

They believed the world had changed too much to persist with educational ideas and conventions that were no longer relevant or practical. Instead these teachers recognised that young people needed an environment where they could develop the skills and confidence to embrace change, not fear it. A school where educators trusted and supported them. A place that offered them a balance of learning experiences to help them achieve their potential and inspire them to contribute to the world they would inherit.

Today Hillbrook is a thriving coeducational high school of 810 students where learning is approached with enthusiasm and creativity. The founding principles of trust, respect, inclusion, collaboration and balance are still at the heart of everything we do.

The Hillbrook dream is as strong today as it was in 1987 when the school was founded. We see it reflected every day in our students as they grow and develop into compassionate, ethical and creative thinkers.

Hillbrook provides students with a sense of belonging and teachers who nurture academic curiosity.  Year 12, 2020 parent

At Hillbrook, our classrooms are filled with limitless possibilities. Our young people will move into careers that we haven’t begun to imagine, and if we want them to thrive in that environment, a strong sense of balance will be a powerful advantage.

This is why Hillbrook’s motto, ‘In Balance We Grow has special meaning to everyone here . It’s fundamental to our vision: ‘To open minds, inspire hearts and nurture dreams‘. It is expresssed in the way we balance intellectual, spiritual, personal and physical development. Importantly it’s woven through every aspect of the school.

We are preparing our students to live happy, fulfilling lives and, we hope, make a positive difference in the world. We aim to provide a realistic and stimulating environment where they learn to challenge and question, to respect one another’s contributions, to enjoy each other’s company and to work effectively together as they grow.

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“…teaching kids how to think, question, and be curious.”

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Schools have to dare to dream …

schools have to dare to take risks.

Dr M. Blackman, Harvard

Our Community

‘Community’ is a word we use a lot at Hillbrook. We believe it is a basic human need to be part of a larger group and to feel you belong.

Despite this, for some time now the idea of community has been declining in the western world: neighbourhoods, churches, even families are no longer as strong a source of community as they used to be.

Around ten years ago research from the United States began suggesting schools that function as communities for their students are likely to produce stronger academic results than schools that function as bureaucracies. That research is now quite compelling: schools that are strong communities – especially with high levels of mutual trust and respect – have students who are likely to do well.

For all of these reasons, at Hillbrook we strive to maintain and develop a thriving, inclusive community, where adults and young people feel connected and welcomed.

Hillbrook Giving Tree

The Hillbrook Giving Tree encompasses all aspects of generosity, giving, care and support for members of our community and service outside of our community. It aims to make a positive difference in the lives of others through student groups, parent organisations and staff giving.