Hillbrook Parent Community

‘Community’ is a word we use a lot at Hillbrook. We believe  it is a basic human need to be part of a larger group and to feel you belong.

Despite this, for some time now the idea of community has been declining in the western world: neighbourhoods, churches, even families are no longer as strong a source of community as they used to be.

Around ten years ago research from the United States began suggesting that schools that function as communities for their students are likely to produce stronger academic results than schools that function as bureaucracies. That research is now quite compelling: schools that are strong communities – especially with high levels of mutual trust and respect – have students who are likely to do well.

For all of these reasons we strive to maintain and develop Hillbrook as a thriving, inclusive community, where adults and young people feel connected and welcomed.

A Place for Everyone

Parents Outdoor Program

Hillbrook runs an outdoor education program specifically for parents of students at the school. The program allows parents to sample some of the outdoor education activities our students experience.

This opportunity provides parents with a deeper understanding of their child’s experiences, as well as offering parents the many benefits of participating in our outdoor education program. View upcoming events and sign up for our newsletter!
Parents and Friends' Association
The Executive of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association of Hillbrook meets once a month and a General Meeting is held once a term. You are welcome to attend any of these meetings to contribute your views, or to contact any member of the Executive about any issue you feel should be addressed by the parent body of the school. Please refer to the calendar for dates. Meetings are held in the library on the third Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm. Parents and Friends' Inc. Association Rules 

Hillbrook P & F Members

P & F Executive – Management Committee

President: Steve Atkins
Vice President: Mark Morwood
Secretary: Scott Linton
Treasurer: Paul Hearn
Ordinary Members: Geoff Newton, Cathy Orchard, Rosemary Grant, Karen Kennelly, Maree Jones, Rachel Bakker, Bill Senior, Kate Cox, Kelly Lyons, Susan Seto, Denzel Hildebrand, Sharon Rogers.
 Sub-Committee Convenors

Business Operations Tuckshop: Karen Kennelly
Business Operations Uniform and Stationery: Cathy Orchard
Education Advisory: Helen McAuliffe
Parents.Connect: Kate Cox
Work Health Safety: Bill Senior
Research shows that one of the important ingredients of an effective school is the positive involvement of parents. At Hillbrook, it is also a vital factor in helping maintain our moderate fees. Of course, finding the time to get involved in school activities is not easy, and we understand that many parents who would like to help out are unable to make a regular commitment. The main thing to remember is that every little bit helps. Even if you only have the time to attend an occasional parent evening or P&F event, your involvement is important and greatly appreciated. After all, the small contributions of many parents add up and help us achieve some really worthwhile benefits for our students and our school.
Education Advisory Committee
The Education Advisory Committee has met since 1987, the year the school was founded. It consists of interested parents and the School Leadership Team (SLT) and is recognised as having the potential and capacity to be the mechanism for the P&F to have strategic input to support the education of the Hillbrook community including young people, parents and staff. With a focus on Hillbrook’s philosophy of ‘In balance we grow’ as expressed in the four themes: adolescence, community, teaching and learning, and thinking, the EAC coordinates at least one parent information evening a term, provides extra-curricular opportunities for students (e.g. Year 12 driver training), and seeks and provides feedback from the parent body to the SLT. Parent Information Evenings are a great way to keep in touch with issues of interest to all parents. Please refer to the calendar for dates. For more information please contact the Education Advisory Committee Convenor via the school. Education Advisory Committee  

‘Community’ is a word we use a lot at Hillbrook.  In fact one of our key beliefs is that people need to be part of a larger group and to feel they belong.  There's now much educational research suggesting that in a school this sense of belonging and personal connection, built on trust and respect, also promotes a ‘learning culture’ where our contributions and participation helps us make positive differences in the lives of us all, but especially our students.

Parents.Connect is where one, preferably two parents from each Home Class acts as a liaison person with the other parents in their son or daughter’s Home Class, informing parents about school matters such as P&F meetings, Education Advisory Committee [EAC] Parent Information Evenings, Business Week mentors, Work Experience placements and volunteering for things such as Sustainability Day. Such a connection enables a greater sense of belonging among the parents and, in particular, the parents in your child’s Home Class. The role is NOT intended to take any responsibility away from students. It is to strengthen a relationship that we know can be important in students’ learning. Each year the Parents.Connect Coordinator and the School Leadership Team [SLT] will invite parents to volunteer as a parent liaison. The Parents.Connect Coordinator is a member of the P&F Executive and facilitates the sharing of information and activities to the parents who take on the Parents.Connect role. For more information please contact the Parents.Connect Convenor via the school. Parent Connect Brochure 2017  Parents.connect-image_lowres
Hillbrook Chorale

Welcome to Hillbrook Chorale! We are a non-auditioned (able to hold a melody) SATB community choir who love to sing.

In 2016 the Hillbrook Chorale is conducted by Kylie Los and accompanied by Judy Collins. We strive to provide an enjoyable experience of choral singing in a positive, supportive and musically stimulating environment.

Rehearsals are every Monday evening from 7:30pm to 9.30pm in the Hillbrook Anglican School’s Tree of Life Chapel.
Our rehearsals are based on the school term. There's plenty of parking in the school car park and we welcome new members throughout the year.

For more information, please contact Kylie: hillbrookchorale@hotmail.com



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