‘Community’ is a word we use a lot at Hillbrook. In fact one of our key beliefs is that people need to be part of a larger group and to feel they belong. There’s now much educational research suggesting that in a school this sense of belonging and personal connection, built on trust and respect, also promotes a ‘learning culture’ where our contributions and participation helps us make positive differences in the lives of us all, but especially our students.

Parents.Connect is where one, preferably two parents from each Home Class acts as a liaison person with the other parents in their son or daughter’s Home Class.  Such a connection enables a greater sense of belonging among the parents, and in particular the parents in your child’s Home Class. Where two parents are involved, ideally we would have one who has a son and the other who has a daughter in the class.

We are wanting to nuture a combination of support and trust among the parents of the Home Class and the Home Class Teacher. 

This role is somewhat different to similar ones in primary school, taking into consideration the different stage of development and maturity of adolescence. This role is NOT intended to take any responsibility away from students. It is to strengthen a relationship that we know from research can be important in our students’ learning.


Each year the Parents.Connect Coordinator and the School Leadership Team [SLT] will invite parents to volunteer as a parent liaison. The Parents.Connect Coordinator facilitates the sharing of information and activities to the parents who take on the Parents.Connect role.

For more information please contact the Parents.Connect Coordinator Michelle Hilderbrand.


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