Uniform Shop

Hillbrook Basement Arts performance

In keeping with our motto ‘In Balance We Grow’, our students can choose from a selection of uniform options.

The foundation students of the school were involved in selecting uniform styles. Through the Student Representative Council, students have continued to be involved in changes, modifications and updates.

Their choice of uniform is not dictated by age, season or occasion; we don’t have a summer or winter, formal or informal uniform. Students are expected to have a personal commitment to wearing the Hillbrook uniform neatly, correctly, cleanly and with pride.

The Uniform Company has been a proud supplier of quality uniforms to Hillbrook for over 20 years.  This strong working relationship has now transitioned and as of October 2020, The Uniform Company will now operate both the Campus Shop and an Online Ordering Portal.

The full range of uniform items are available for purchase online now. Start your online order here.

Julie Garvey will continue managing the Uniform Shop and our wonderful parent volunteers.

Uniform Shop Hours

Tues: 7:30-9:30am

Wed: 12.30-3:30pm

Thurs 7:30-9:30am

Uniform Shop Location

Enter through Reception to sign in and it is a short walk down the stairs and to the left.

Telephone Number

07 3354 6456

Dear Year 7 2021 parents

Getting your child ready for High School is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience for both of you. I have a wonderful team of experienced Uniform Shop volunteers who are looking forward to meeting you on Family Day in November, for fittings. We will advise you via email when our booking system will be open.

We have made shopping for your new high school student very easy by again making available our Year 7 starter packs, which will provide everything your child will need to start 2021.

See you in November.
Julie Garvey and my wonderful team of volunteers.