Parents and Friends’ Association

In 2020 it became apparent to the P&F that changes in family circumstances with both parents working, the traditional P&F model no longer works for schools and parents.

With this in mind, the current P&F have held 3 workshops to reimagine the future for the Hillbrook P&F.

As a result of these workshops, the P&F have developed the following purpose statements.

 Build relationships and community to create a sense of belonging and share responsibility.

Share the skills, knowledge and attributes of our parents to grow inolvement and expand the horizons of our students.

Foster learning to enable parents to lead their families with insight and confidence.

Deliver the Hillbrook vision ‘to open minds, inspire hearts and nurture dreams’.

It was ultimately decided the new parent body would be administered through the school and be run as a number of support groups. Currently we have the EAC and Parents.Connect and these would be expanded to include Music, Events and Mentoring. Each group would have a parent chair and a committee.

Planning will contnue throughout 2020 with the new structure commencing in 2021. The current (interim/caretaker) P&F will assist with the planning for the new parent body. The current P&F will legally dissolve on 31 December 2020.

P&F Executive – Management Committee

President: Charles Willmore
Vice President: Sharon Rodgers
Secretary: Damen Howard
Treasurer: Paul Hearn

Sub-Committee Convenors

Education Advisory: Erzsi Suranyi
Parents.Connect: Michelle Hilderbrand and Kylie Wiebusch


Research shows that one of the important ingredients of an effective school is the positive involvement of parents. At Hillbrook, it is also a vital factor in helping maintain our moderate fees.

Of course, finding the time to get involved in school activities is not easy, and we understand that many parents who would like to help out are unable to make a regular commitment.

The main thing to remember is that every little bit helps. Even if you only have the time to attend an occasional parent evening or P&F event, your involvement is important and greatly appreciated. After all, the small contributions of many parents add up and help us achieve some really worthwhile benefits for our students and our school.

Ready to Enrol?

Choosing your child’s secondary education is a big step in the life of a parent. If you are ready to take that step you can start your application now, however you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting. Once you start, it will be uniquely saved for you to return and complete when convenient. 

You can also find out more about our enrolment process, including our Enrolment Policy and Entry Year Guide.


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