Digital Education

Hillbrook realises the importance of preparing our students for leadership in an increasingly complex digital world. Therefore, learning is underpinned by engagement with technology so that the school stays at the forefront of educational practices.
We provide a dynamic flexible learning environment that enhances digital literacy, while encouraging deep rich learning opportunities and personalised learning.

Digital Access Pass

Students need to be able to use technology effectively and responsibly to be able to maximise their learning opportunities. In addition, teachers, and the school community, must have confidence that students are competent, discerning and ethical in their use of technology.

The Digital Access Pass is a three-step educational program designed to encourage and support the development of Hillbrook students as responsible online citizens.

Laptops at Hillbrook

Hillbrook’s laptop program for students is an exciting initiative to support our focus on teaching and learning.

In an increasingly digital world, it is essential that our students are supported to develop Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills, appreciation and abilities. It is not about learning to use the technology but preferably using the technology to enhance learning. Currently, all Year 7, 10, 11 and 12 students are provided with a school laptop. In 2019, Hillbrook will be transitioning to a single platform, and school monitored system for all our students. The laptop program is supported by an Online IT Helpdesk, and our IT Support Centre.



We have to think what we are preparing students for.

Rodney Reed

Professor of Education, Pennsylvania State University

iPads at Hillbrook

In 2018, iPads will be the primary computing device for Years 8 and 9 respectively. The use of these mobile devices is designed to introduce students to a broader variety of teaching and learning activities.

Teaching and learning for students using an iPad will continue to be focused around the iPad’s versatility, and the range of apps that provide teachers with opportunities for innovative learning goals, and students with creative tools for deeper understanding and knowledge creation.

Students will not need a laptop for their classroom work, during these two years. 

Hillbrook Anglican School