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Project Active

Project Active, Hillbrook's co-curricular activity program, provides plenty of opportunities for students to pursue new interests and hobbies and to mix with students from all year levels.

The benefits of regular activity are well documented - an increased sense of belonging and achievement, increased physical and mental ability and a better self-image. Project Active is compulsory for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and encourages development of specific skills. Most activities occur before or after school and some take place on weekends. 

Semester 1, 2020 - Project Active Options

Activities for both Term 1 and Term 2 are detailed below for your perusal. Students are required to choose 1 activity per semester.

To Register - Click each activity below for a full description and follow the link to Trybooking to register your interest. No payment required at this stage.

Payment - An invite will be sent through Parent Lounge and you will need to accept and pay for your registered activity by the due date.

If you have any questions about the activities, please contact the Project Active Coordinator at


11may3:30 pm4:30 pmBarefoot Bowls - Term 23:30 pm - 4:30 pm 72 Pickering Street, Enoggera



What sort of activities are included in Project Active?

Project Active provides a broad range of extracurricular activities, and previously has included:

  • Soccer/AFL/Touch Football/Basketball
  • Cardio Tennis
  • Hip Hop Dancing
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Long boarding
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Table Tennis
  • Drone Club
  • Quilting & Sewing
  • Barefoot Bowls
  • Craft Club
  • Chess
  • Indoor Golf
  • Rock climbing & Bouldering
  • Zumba
  • Bootcamp Fitness
  • One-day activities such as BreakOut Brisbane, and Story Bridge Climb

The activities are updated before the start of each Semester.

Does everyone have to participate?

If you are in Years 7, 8 or 9 it is expected that you participate in one Project Active activity each semester, as a minimum. In Years 10, 11 and 12 these activities are voluntary.

Attendance to the weekly sessions is compulsory and will be marked on the roll each week. If you are sick or unable to attend a session, you must advise the Project Active Coordinator, at explaining your absence.

Remember, your participation in school-run co-curricular activities is marked on your student involvement file. 

How do I enrol?

To register your interest for an event, please click on your preferred activity above, then click the Trybooking link within the description. You will need to input the student details and your contact email address in the form. No payment is required at this time. 

If the maximum number of participants has been met, the event will show as booked out and you will need to select another activity. 

How do I know if I am in an activity?

After registration you will receive a personal invitation on Parent Lounge for your booked activity. You will be required to log in to Parent Lounge, accept the activity's terms and conditions and make the payment to secure your place.

Please note, if the minimum numbers are not met, or an activity is cancelled, we will contact you as soon as possible with alternatives.

How do I pay?

After registering your interest for an activity, you will receive a personal invitation on Parent Lounge. You will be required to log in to Parent Lounge , accept the activity's terms and conditions and make the payment to secure your place.

Where can I go for more information?

If you have any feedback or questions on the new process, please contact our Finance team at

If you have any questions about the event offerings, please contact the Project Active Coordinator at

Can I be excused from participation?

Students who are heavily involved in a physical activity/sport on a regular basis with interschool teams or outside of school can be excused from participation at the discretion of the Project Active Coordinator, Kristy Boyle at or 3354 3422.

Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.

Richard Bach

Hillbrook Anglican School