Hillbrook 2020 – a major campus redevelopment

We are currently half way through Stage 2 of Hillbrook 2020 due for completion for the start of the 2021 school year.

Hillbrook 2020

Stage 1 Completed

In April 2020 Hillbrook completed Stage 1 of its integrated learning community with the completion of the new Science and English building and new landscaped forecourt areas. This was complemented by the new Library Tiered Learning Centre (TLC) and Administration Building.

These works included:

  • Seven state-of-the art Science laboratories including breakout spaces and EEI rooms
  • Six new English classrooms
  • A Library extension
  • A Tiered Learning Centre (TLC)
  • A new Cafe and Uniform Shop
  • A commercial kitchen
  • A new front entrance and administration building
  • End of Journey Bike Facility
  • Spacious, landscaped forecourt areas.

Stage 2 In Progress

Stage 2 of the Master Plan will provide a new Technology, Art and Business Centre (formerly G Block) and a refurbished Recreational Centre. Both of these projects are due for completion in January 2021.

  • The new Technology, Art and Business Centre will provide:
    • new general learning areas and technical area
    • new Engineering and Design learning areas
    • Art studios and gallery spaces
    • under cover area and an open roof forecourt
    • further scope for solar panel installation.
  • Refurbished and additional industrial technologies teaching spaces and storage areas
  • Refurbished Recreational Centre will provide:
    • new amenities and staff area
    • increased seating area with new first floor tiered seating
    • resurfaced courts
    • Big Band practice room, Percussion room and access to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC)
    • additional smaller music practice rooms
    • spring floor gymnasium area.

All building projects at Hillbrook maintain a focus on environmental sustainability, including:

  • 50,000 litre water storage tanks for irrigation and amenities
  • A state of the art Building Management System to maximise energy efficiencies with air conditioning
  • All classrooms built to maximise ventilation and light
  • Insulation
  • LED lighting throughout.

Stage 1 – Completed

Stage 2 – Currently in Progress


The design concepts for Hillbrook 2020 have been developed around Hillbrook’s vision and values:

  • In Balance We Grow;
  • Provide quality, engaging learning spaces that are consistent with Hillbrook’s strong academic results;
  • Continue to develop a high-quality campus while remaining a moderate fee school;
  • Retain the core philosophy of Hillbrook as a school centred around adolescence and thinking, quality teaching and learning and a sense of community;
  • Provide larger spaces that provide contact with the natural world.

Community Consultation

Throughout the design process, consultation with the School and the wider community has been extensive. The project team meets regularly with, and reports to School Leadership Team, Parents & Friends Association and Student Representative Council to give insight and direction of the needs of the school.

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