Over the past year, for my Senior Responsibility, I created the position of Road Safety Ninja! I have been working alongside Mr Brent Durham, Hillbrook’s Chief Operations Officer, to create safer roads for the surrounding areas of the school.

In fact, I’ve been doing this for some time all around Brisbane. I have now reported 248 road signs in Brisbane to be fixed and/or installed. I recently met the Lord Mayor of Brisbane and he liked my ideas for improvements in the Hillbrook surrounds.

As our school changes and grows, so does the need to be extra careful on the roads as they become busier, especially at the moment with all the changes due to the building works.

Oliver Manias town planning and road signs

The projects I have been looking at with Mr Durham are:

  • the Pickering Street Crossing
  • Hurdcotte Street Zebra Crossing
  • left turn traffic light arrow from Wardell Street into Hurdcotte Street
  • and more!

The inspiration behind this position is my model city named ‘Oliverland’, which I have been designing since I was 6-years-old! The city is my wonderland and is all about environment, livability and new and innovative transport ideas. It is my passion! I have over 1,000 model cars in my city, along with bicycles, trains, buses and trucks!

Cities will always grow and evolve, just like Oliverland, and I believe the key to successful growth is the right transport planning. A city is only as good as its ability to move its inhabitants around safely and efficiently.

My dream career will be an international sustainable transport planner, and I aim to help make the future stronger and better!

Keep safe, live long and prosper!

Year 12 Road Safety Ninja